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The Wiperator;  

The Wiperator was developed by Filtaflex Ltd and the Centre for Research on Environmental Microbiology of Ottawa University (CREM) to provide more consistent comparisons of disinfection or cross-contamination by pre-wetted towelettes and other wipes on environmental surfaces such as stainless steel catering equipment or human fingers. It greatly improves consistency compared with manual test methods by accurately controlling the applied force, rubbing speed and duration of wiping. The Wiperator is now the basis of ASTM International standard E2967-15 for this type of test.

Test Wipes are draped on Teflon Bosses which slip onto the Wiperator's Spindle - they are retained magnetically and pull off easily after use. A Wipe Loader accessory makes loading Bosses easy and fast, minimizing potential loss of volatile disinfectant components.   In the basic Wiperator samples are 10 mm dia stainless steel disks.

During a wipe test the Wipe moves in an orbit of 10-mm dia at 1 rev/sec, also oscillating through 6 degrees of arc, in a diminutive emulation of a human arm and hand rubbing a surface with circular motion. For microbiological work wiping continues for multiples of 5 sec, up to 45 sec. The default wipe-sample contact force is 150g, which equates to a rubbing force of 800g or more in a real-life wiping situation - an accessory 150g weight permits testing 300g forces. Two versions of Sample Carriers allow either 10-mm disks or finger tips to be exposed to Wipes. Each Carrier has two sample locations - by simple reversing Carriers a second surface can instantly be wiped for cross-contamination studies. Slots for forceps in Disk Carriers permit wiped disks to be transfered easily to diluent tubes for elution and counting. An illuminated LCD screen and beeper informs and prompts users.

Wiperators are also being used for testing the resistance of surfaces to abrasion or degradation by disinfectants, etc. For this type of work wiping continues for longer periods. We are happy to modify the basic instrument to suit customer's requirements, for example, accommodating different types of sample or abrasive material.

Height 20.5 cm, width 15.5 cm, depth 23.5 cm, weight 3.0 kg, power supply 115/230VAC or 12VDC.

See how to use the Wiperator (pdf 2MB)


Prices are for the basic Wiperator system. Versions can be provided with, for example, computer connectivity to permit custom programming, or to accommodate non-standard samples or orbit diameter. Please contact Filtaflex for pricing of such variants.

WIPERATOR Cat. W-1,       $3,249.00
WIPE LOADER Cat. WL-1,    $329.00

WIPE BOSSES (Teflon) Cat. WB-1        10 - $290.00,  20 - $530.00
SAMPLE CARRIERS (disks) WSC-D     10 - $270.00,  20 - $500.00
SAMPLE CARRIERS (fingers) WSC-F   10 - $270.00,  20 - $500.00

STAINLESS STEEL DISKS (10 mm) WSSD-1,   20 - $60.00,  100 - $250.00   Specifications for disks (pdf 13 KB)

(Shipping, taxes, duties, etc, extra)

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