Almonte, Ontario, Canada

Samples flooding through the door
Inspectors taking ever more
- a QC crisis at the plant!
- a pathogen contaminant!

They're blending, plating at full steam
The lab an ergonomist's dream
When shouts are heard - "Good Grief! No joke!"
"Sounds like the #@$% blender broke!"

That awful knock - the clunk of death
Technicians gasp, then hold their breath
- the motor runs, but down inside
- one paddle flaps and twists aside

But Section Head says with a wink
"This happens with the standard Link!
So contact
They've just the part to save the day!"

"Improved (yet cheaper) - never splits
- we'll have no more conniption fits
We'll blend and blend forever 'cuz
It's - 'no more standard Link' - for us!"

The plant's now clean, the crisis ended
- two hundred samples fully blended
What joyful squelches, steady purr
Come from that mended Stomacher

So many, many labs out there
Will break their blenders, unaware
Of these great Links, and that's absurd!
(perhaps you'ld like to spread the word....)
Regular Connecting Link broken through fatigue

Filtaflex Stomacher Connecting Link Repair unit

Replacement Stomacher® Connecting Links
(Improved link with true pivot and internal compressive element)

Colworth Stomacher® 400s and 80s (models BA6021, BA7021, BA6020, BA7020 and possibly others) with broken couplings can be returned inexpensively to service with this Connecting Link Repair kit. The pivot joint makes them resistant to fatigue through bending, while an internal compressive element prevents stalling when stomaching hard samples. Connecting Link Repair units renew the complete coupling between motor and paddle (including ball bearing and spring pin). Only basic tools are needed and they are easily installed by any workshop.

Each repair kit contains two Connecting Links - install both at the same time.

CL-400 (fit 400 mL models BA6021 and BA7021) - US$/CAD$369.00 plus shipping.
CL-80   (fit 80 mL models BA6020 and BA7020) - US$/CAD$389.00 plus shipping.
          Before ordering CL-80 kit check if overall length of original is about 5" (13 cm) or 6" (15 cm).
               - then order either "CL-80-short" or "CL-80-long" as appropriate...

Email order or request more information....

Older models: My Cl-400 Link should fit Circulator models, Serial Numbers below 36630.
Newer models: I expect to be able to supply Links for Circulators with SNs higher than 36630 early in 2018

CAN YOU HELP? I still need dimensions for various Stomacher and Circulator Links. If you are able to send me any broken unit, or even just full dimensional info - plus model and serial number data - I shall be in your debt.
Please contact me

Stomacher is a registered trademark of Seward Limited, UK.
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