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HGMF ReplicatorReplicated HGMFs


- copy HGMF colony distributions for antibiotic and other profiling -

- Incubate copies of HGMFs with various temperatures, atmospheres, antibiotics, substrates, etc, then compare them to obtain biochemical profiles from each growth (e.g., for VTEC/STEC antibiotic resistance studies, modelling and challenge tests);
- Make "backups" before subjecting primary HGMFs to lethal tests (eg, enzyme-linked antibody stains for E. coli O157:H7);
- Prepare frozen "libraries" (up to 400 cultures per HGMF) for extended research projects.
The HGMF REPLICATOR is simple to use. Re-usable INOCULATORS of 1600 points (normal work), or 400 (culture library work) match the HGMF grid pattern with high accuracy.

HGMF REPLICATOR. (height 27 cm, width 18 cm, weight 3.8 kg)
Cat # RP-1, US/CAD$3,550.00

INOCULATORS (machined aluminum, weight 84g)
Cat # INO-1600 or INO-400 - price quantity dependent, email for quote before ordering.

Shipping extra. Orders by email, please
Email order or request more information.....

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