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MagRetriever® - high volume rapid immunomagnetic bead separator

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MagRetriever® is a new concept in immunomagnetic separation (IMS) that quickly retrieves immunomagnetic beads (IMBs) from up to 250 mL of suspension.  Pour IMB suspension into a Retrieval Vessel, place it in the MagRetriever® and in just minutes your IMBs will be concentrated in the Vessel's central Well, for easy transfer by Pasteur pipet or PickPen® to the next stage of your detection procedure.  MagRetriever® is then immediately ready for the next suspension (it can run throughout the day without need for cleanup).  Analytical targets could be bacteria, viruses, allergens, etc.   Because analyte trapping and retrieval steps are not combined in MagRetriever® you can vary your trapping protocols as much as you wish.

MagRetriever® handles a variety of commercially available IMBs and you can key in or make up programs optimized for particular IMBs if you wish.
These photos show the proprietary Retrieval Vessel, and a suspension of MagaBeads® concentrated down into its central well in just two minutes.
(MagRetriever® US patent 8431026, trademarked in Canada).

PickPen® is a trademark of Bio-Nobile Oy, Tykistokatu 4B, Turku 20521, Finland.
MagaBeads® is a trademark of Cortex BioChem, San Leandro, California, USA (or Promega Corporation, 2800 Woods Hollow Rd, Madison, WI, USA 53711)

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Jan 2018
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