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HGMF INTERPRETER for computerized counting of HGMFs

Inexpensively convert a lab computer into a system to quickly and accurately count HGMFs, record sample details and archive images of samples for future reference. The Interpreter simply plugs into your PC's USB port.
The HGMF Interpreter makes counting HGMFs pleasanter and you remain completely in charge of your results. For example:
- point at a typical colony - the Interpreter immediately flags HGMF grid-cells containing similar colonies;
- increase or decrease the tint range of colonies included in the count if you wish;
- add or subtract individual, or groups, of colonies if you do not agree with the Interpreter's count.
The Interpreter calculates the HGMF's Most Probable Number of Growth Units. Click "Dilution Factor" and "Inoculum Volume" to see "Count/g". You can count HGMFs without recording anything, or file sample details - much of which (e.g., "Type of Test", "User" and "Sample Origin") requires only a click.

TRACEABILITY and GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICE:   Real HGMFs deteriorate quickly, but with the Interpreter you can save images of your HGMFs for later reference - your assurance in case of queries. You can transmit images to other labs, or import .jpg, or .bmp images from other Interpreters.

Vers 1.1 - count and store HGMF image, and record all its "office work" details.
Vers 2.0 - profile colony growth (pH, temperature, antibiotics, etc) on up to 6 HGMF copies (see HGMF Replicator).
(Ships with both softwares).

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Me, XP or Vista 32 bit.

Cat # INT-1. Price US/CAD$1,750.00.   Email order or request more information....