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MagRetriever® - high volume rapid immunomagnetic bead separator

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MagRetriever® is a new concept in immunomagnetic separation (IMS) that quickly retrieves immunomagnetic beads (IMBs) from up to 250 mL of suspension.  Pour IMB suspension into a Retrieval Vessel, place it in the MagRetriever® and in just minutes your IMBs will be concentrated in the Vessel's central Well, for easy transfer by Pasteur pipet or PickPen® to the next stage of your detection procedure.  MagRetriever® is then immediately ready for the next suspension (it can run throughout the day without need for cleanup).  Analytical targets could be bacteria, viruses, allergens, etc.  MagRetriever® was developed to just retrieve IMBs, not to trap target analyte at the same time - this means you can vary your trapping protocols as much as you wish.
MagRetriever® handles a variety of commercially available IMBs and you can key in or make up programs optimized for particular IMBs if you wish.
These photos show the proprietary Retrieval Vessel, and a suspension of MagaBeads® concentrated down into its central well in just two minutes.
(MagRetriever® is the subject of patent applications Canada 2690453, USA 12968283, and is trademarked in Canada).

PickPen® is a trademark of Bio-Nobile Oy, Tykistokatu 4B, Turku 20521, Finland.
MagaBeads® is a trademark of Cortex BioChem, San Leandro, California, USA (or Promega Corporation, 2800 Woods Hollow Rd, Madison, WI, USA 53711)

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July 2011
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