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Updated Sep 2008


FILTATIPS sterile polyester sponge filters fit most pipets. They eliminate blocking when lumpy food suspensions are pipetted, and screen out medium-sized particles. FILTATIPS do not trap bacteria and are non-toxic to them under normal use. Pore size is equivalent to a 90-mesh screen (approx 160 microns).

Cautionary Notes:
- Though sterile when shipped, FiltaTips may contain DNA
- As they are packaged 20/bag, FiltaTips should not be used for highly critical work such as sterility testing

Szabo, R., et al. 1990. Increased sensitivity of the rapid hydrophobic grid membrane filter enzyme-labeled antibody procedure for Escherichia coli O157 detection in foods and bovine feces. Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 56: 3546-3549.

Package:- box of 100 (5 bags of 20).  Cat # FT-1
Price CAD$30.00, (US$30.00, 16.00, 23.00) - shipping extra.
(Orders by fax or email, please) - Email order or request more information....