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Efficient membrane filtration by Spreadfilter

Replicate colonies by HGMF Replicator

Count colonies by HGMF Interpreter

Large-volume immunomagnetic concentrator

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Reduce debris levels with Pulsifier

Membrane filtration FAQs

Separation/Concentration of microorganisms

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Files available for downloading:

Food Sample Preparation and Enrichment for Rapid Detection   (PDF 150KB)

HGMF Spreadfilter Manual    (PDF 150KB)

HGMF Interpreter (ver 1.1) Manual     (PDF 413KB)

HGMF Interpreter (ver 2.0) Manual     (PDF 1,044KB)

HGMF Replicator Manual    (PDF 495KB)

FAQs and useful information on HGMFs     (PDF 35KB)

More detailed information on MagRetriever and its performance   (PDF 983 KB)

Wiperator user manual   (PDF 2MB)

Wiperator program source code   (text document 8KB)