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Updated Jul 2009

Bag-Weigh Bag Support

for Stomacher®, Pulsifier® and specimen bags

BAG WEIGH makes weighing or pouring into plastic bags very easy. Place a bag between BAG WEIGH's wings and squeeze them gently together. Persistently sticky buttons pull open the bag and hold it for filling. To free the bag simply jerk it up or down.

BAG WEIGH 30 holds Stomacher® 400 or other bags up to 28 cm (11") tall. Height 30 cm, base 12.5 cm, weight 275 g.
BAG WEIGH 20 holds Pulsifier® or other bags up to 18 cm (7") tall. Height 20 cm, base 12.5 cm, weight 230 g.

Catalogue #: BW-30 or BW-20
Price: CAD$90.00 (US$90.00, 50.00, 70.00) - plus shipping.
(Fax or email orders please) - Email order or request more information.....