Almonte, Ontario, Canada

- Stomacher® spares and repairs -
- Wiperator hygienic towelette tester -
- Hydrophobic grid membrane filter (HGMF) apparatus -
- Custom development of instruments for microbiological analysis -
- MagRetriever® immunomagnetic separation of 250 mL volumes-

- Email Filtaflex Ltd -

    Stomacher® blender - durable and inexpensive Connecting Links repair kits
    Wiperator - pre-wetted towelette testing instrument
    HGMF Spreadfilter - saves time/effort when membrane filtering
    HGMF Replicator - copy grid cell colony patterns for research on VTEC, STEC, etc
    MagRetriever® - immunomagnetic separation from 250 mL volumes
    HGMF Interpreter - inexpensive computerized counter for HGMFs
    The Pulsifier® ISO-approved blender - invented at Filtaflex Ltd
    Separation and concentration of microorganisms
    FAQs on Membrane filtration
    Files available for downloading

Dec 2015